We install, replace and repair most makes of hot water systems including:
Gas Instantaneous, Gas Storage, Electric Storage and Solar systems.

Gas Instant Hot Water Units

These units are perfect where space is of a premium. They can be hung on a wall out of the way giving more use of available space.

Only heating the water as you use it can reduce overall running costs compared to storage units.

They do need ventilation, however to function correctly and meet compliance standards and most need a powerpoint to run.

The upfront costs involved may include upsizing of existing gas pipe feeding the hot water service, as the instantaneous units draw more gas than their storage cousins.

A full pressure test of existing gas pipework will also be undertaken, with any leaks detected needing repair prior to installation of the new unit.

Gas Storage Hot Water Units

Storage hot water units must be set to a minimum of 60 degrees to prevent bacteria such as legionella from forming.

A tempering valve fitted on the outlet of the heater will reduce the temperature of the water entering the house to 50 degrees which will limit serious scalding.

Like for like exchanges don’t necessarily require one if one is already fitted, but at Adelaide Plumbing Solutions, we recommend installing one to keep your family safer.

Electric Storage Hot Water Units

Older style reliable units which have served people well for many years. From the days of a storage tank in the ceiling, to outside storage and modern heat pump units, electric storage units have come a long way.

Similar to the gas units, storage temperatures must be set high enough to prevent the formation of bacteria, and tempering valves are highly recommended.

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